Design workshop

Creating bespoke

Our design workshop is a crucible where the most exquisite pieces take shape to the sound of hammers striking anvils. Nestled in a quiet corner of Anjou, Forge d’Art Loubière blends passion with exceptional craftsmanship, tradition and innovation. After passing through our technical office, our ironmongers bring your projects to life.

Each day begins with the crackle of fire in the forge – the living soul of our craft. Our artisan blacksmiths draw their inspiration from ancient motifs while giving free rein to their creativity. From delicate scrolls to bold lines, each unique piece is fashioned according to your requirements and , bears the imprint of the craftsmen who brought it to life. With the engagement of clients and designers, Loubière’s craftsmen can create complex and original ironwork for you.

Skills are passed down from generation to generation, in this space where time seems to stand still. Every apprentice is supported, nurtured, invited to explore their talents and push the limits of their imagination.

Passionate discussions, the exchange of ideas and a collaborative spirit are at the heart of our workshop. Here, creation is a collective journey, where every individual contribution allows simple metal to be transformed into works of art in iron.

Whether adorning the majestic gates of old homes or adding a touch of elegance to a contemporary interior, our wrought iron creations will adorn your interiors and exteriors, testifying to the timeless beauty of metal worked with passion and skill.

In our workshop in Noyant-Villages, wrought ironwork is not just a craft, it’s a real passion, a never-ending quest for perfection and harmony, where metal becomes a reflection of the artisan shaping it.

“The smallest gesture is a future memory.” Claude Aveline