Finishing workshop

Adding the finishing touch

Welcome to our finishing workshop, where the beauty of each piece of metal is amplified with patina, embossing and ornamentation. In the Forge d’Art Loubière finishing workshop, where creativity meets tradition, metal comes to life in our skilled hands.

The patina, that subtle alchemy between pigments and metal, provides each creation with a unique aura and depth. Rich, nuanced shades, patiently applied, reveal textures and details, making each piece unique, full of emotion and character.

Embossing is an ancient art. Each blow of the hammer, every precise movement, shapes the metal with incomparable finesse, creating bewitching reliefs that capture the light. In this delicate art, we draw our inspiration from nature, traditional motifs or the fertile imagination of our designers, bringing life to works that transcend time.

Ornamentation, the ultimate refinement, brings further elegance and finesse to our creations. Whether floral, geometric or abstract, every detail is carefully considered to bring out the harmony and beauty of the whole. Our craftsmen, virtuosos in metal, juggle shapes and textures to create unique pieces that amaze and delight.

In our finishing workshop, metal becomes the medium for limitless artistic expression. Each piece, whether functional or purely decorative, is the fruit of meticulous work and a consuming passion for an exceptional craft. It is in this cauldron of tradition and innovation that time-defying works are born, testifying to the timeless beauty of human creation.

The expertise of
Our finishing workshop

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